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You know how sometimes you just fell like you wanna have classic Mediterranean dishes, just fresh and made really really well'
Well that's exactly what we do at Brasserie Azur. We wanted a place that felt homey: the kind where you could spend the entire day and be back on the morrow.
This is why you'll never get bored with us.
We have a rotisserie station that makes the juiciest roasted chickens in town. We have a raw bar, where you'll be able to pick the lucky lobster that will be getting cooked for you by our chefs. Fancy some pizzettas' We got you. Happy hour, express lunch, fresh charcuterie, a massive wine list, a foosball table, hookah'. We say yes. Shall we keep going'
Maybe you should just come and see for yourself.

location 3252 N East 1st Ave Suite 109,Miami, FL 33137

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