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The philosophy of the menu at Bistro Bordeaux is an expression of our French culinary heritage, for which we have a profound admiration. The support of our local farmers allows us to use the freshest produce and seafood, just as one would find in the markets in the south of France. The menu showcases the freshness of these pure ingredients through simple, flavorful combinations.
As the passing of fall brings day light savings time with early nightfall, we are always excited to welcome back the great comfort food dishes typically found in bistros; the first taste of the 'Coq au Vin' and the pervading perfumes of the long cooked 'Cassoulet Toulousain', come to mind. It is, in our opinion, this style of cuisine that offers the clearest definition of traditionally rooted French fare
We hope you enjoy the eating as much as we enjoy the preparation in the kitchen and wish you all "Bon apptit"!

The team at Bistro Bordeaux

location 618 Church St,Evanston, IL 60201

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